Lihit Lab

Enesco is launching two new collections by Lihit Lab — Punilabo and Bloomin. Both ranges are aimed at providing colourful, organisational solutions for all stationery needs.

Punilabo is a range of functional furry and feathered friends in the form of standing pen cases! Each case is made from a pliable silicon fabric featuring the colours and faces of various animals and birds — cats, pigs, pandas, penguins, bears and budgies.

The top of the pen case, which acts as a lid, fastens to to the body of the pen case via a zip and forms the head of the creature, while the extending base forms the tail or legs! If you press down on the pen case, the base retracts and allows the case to stand upright and act as a pen/pencil pot. They are available in 2 sizes holding around 15-22 pens respectively. The head also provides storage for an eraser or small pencil sharpener.

Bloomin is a range of brightly-coloured stationery accessories to keep all your bits and pieces in one attractive place. Again made of silicon fabric, the bags are self-standing, easily washable and opens super-wide for easy access to all corners! The range is presented in six colours including yellow, lilac and salmon and all are available in two sizes.

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