World of Miss Mindy

Introducing a delicious new collection from cartoon folk artist —
Miss Mindy — fronted by the scrumptious; Candy Queen!

She’s the hot new artist on the collectables scene, and, following the success of The World of Miss Mindy Presents Disney — we are proud to unveil a whole new collection to showcase Mindy’s whimsical take on the world.

The World of Miss Mindy is a new series of original, fantastical characters — freshly baked in the artist’s imagination, and served to you with love! With new creations — from smiling mushrooms to dazzling unicorns; cheeky foxes to elegant mermaids — any Miss Mindy fan will be delighted to add one (or two!) of the new June introductions to their collection. Miss Mindy’s signature style — her characters having big eyes, with small noses and eyes — is right on trend, and appeals to adults and younger fans, alike.

Take a look at the Candy Queen — bedecked from crown to gown with scrumptious sweets, in hues of candy pink and turquoise. This stone resin figurine is hand crafted with exquisite details like peppermint swirls, while the folds of her skirt part to reveal a light-up scene of cotton-candy trees and a gingerbread house. She is a tempting hint of the delights to be found within The World of Miss Mindy — so why not check out the rest of her friends, and treat yourself!

© Miss Mindy