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Foxy by Nature

Foxy by Nature

 Foxy by Nature, these suave foxes from Border Fine Arts Character are immaculately dressed for all manner of encounters — it’s a style we like to refer to as ‘urban urbane’!

 Hot on the tracks of our popular Stags with Style collection, our four new fashionable foxes can really strut their stuff. Each character is sculpted with a fox’s head and a body dressed in trendy attire, but by far the most impressive feature has to be their wonderful bushy tails.

Christian really knows how to dress to impress in his sharp navy city suit and pink shirt, whilst Jack looks incredibly dapper in his waistcoat and long camel coat. James and Michael, however, prefer a more relaxed approach to dressing, both opting for casual slacks complemented by a quilted jacket for Michael and gilet for James.

Each Foxy by Nature personality is presented in a specially-designed gift box, perfect for giving.

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