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Hallmark by Enesco

Hallmark by Enesco

Our partnership with Hallmark International marks the beginning of a wonderful relationship, 2017 sees two new collections of beautiful ceramic giftware with more releases planned in for this year.

The collections feature the artwork from Hallmark’s card ranges, which our designers selected from Hallmark’s extensive design library to produce fabulous products — including ceramics, figurines, wine glasses, cuddly toys, tote bags and accessories — to suit all gifting occasions.

Paintings created for Hallmark and not seen by the public for over 60 years by the renowned Spanish surrealist painter, Salvador Dali, have inspired the debut Hallmark Fine Artists Collection by Enesco. Featuring three artworks all linked by a butterfly motif Butterfly Valentine, Extravaganza and Kneeling Woman.

Parisienne Blue is inspired by delicate French lace patterns from the early 20th century, which were first published in trade catalogues created by artisan makers in Villeurbanne. The intricate cobalt blue and white designs can be mixed and matched creating combinations to suit individual décor and taste.

Little Meow and his adorable companions, Mittens and Red, are mischievous, playful and softly sweet and these purr-fect little partners help cosy-up any day with their taste for adventure, their gentle, whimsical sense of humour…and their unconditional love.

Style & Gracie was inspired by a trip to Tokyo, with a simple pencil sketch postcard of a young girl’s face surrounded by layers of colourful flowers. Soon after, a series of sketches came to life and so began one of Hallmark’s most popular collections.

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Hallmark by Enesco News

  • Presenting Parisienne Blue ceramic gifts from Hallmark by Enesco

    Presenting Parisienne Blue ceramic gifts from Hallmark by Enesco
     Hallmark Cards was founded over a century ago by J C Hall, and since then the company has worked with the largest group of highly talented artists, writers and illustrators in the world. As a result, Hallmark has assembled one of the most extensive of art archives combining illustrations,...