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Stags with Style

Stags with Style

This debonair collection from Border Fine Arts Character, is growing in popularity and now one more has now been added to the group. A gent dressed for sport!

It’s now an irresistible collection of nine dapper stags who are out to impress as they dress for each occasion or pursuit. Each character is sculpted with a stag’s head displaying a full set of antlers decorated in gold, and a body dressed with impeccable taste!

Henry is smartly dressed for a day’s shooting on the moors, George is elegantly attired as befits the master of the local hunt, while Lawrence is in his tweeds setting out to stride across the hills. Meanwhile, Hugo is the height of casual good taste as he settles down in the study, Spencer’s eclectic style is perfect for any situation which may, or may not arise: smart-casual, beginning with relishing his freshly brewed coffee and Edward is most debonair in his black tie evening suit. Malcolm is off for a hike in the hills and Jack is ready for a few holes, looking splendid in his Argyle sweater. Our new fellow is Frank in his silks, who will be working hard on the racecourse later.

Each figurine is presented in a branded gift box and is ideal as an amusing gift or self-purchase.

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Stags with Style News

  • A New Stag with Style

    A New Stag with Style
    Meet the new stag on the circuit, Frank. No hurdle or obstacle can keep him down. Dressed in his traditional steeplechase jockey attire of pink and black silks he looks ready to race his way to the top of the popularity sweepstakes.