Meet Floe™…New Limited Edition Bear from GUND®

 Meet Floe™…New Limited Edition Bear from GUND®

January, 2017

Exciting news! It’s been a while since GUND® has launched a limited edition, and the gorgeous new Floe™ Bear with her luxurious super soft, thick, long pile fur reveals that is has definitely been worth the wait! Floe features a special GUND hang tag and is produced in a worldwide limited edition of just 1,000 pieces.

Also new for January 2017 is the adorable animated Wiggles™ the Sleepy Snoring Pig. When the button on his foreleg is pressed, his ears flap, whilst his tail and bum wiggles and he says five different phrases: ‘I think it’s time for my nap…’, ‘Grummm grumm grummm [grumble]…just a few more minutes…’, ‘Pigging out is hard work. I think I deserve a little break…’, ‘Should I nap? Or eat? Decisions, decisions…’ and ‘Hmmmghhh [Snort] Grummm grumm grummm [Grumble]… where’s the snooze button? Wait, what time is it?!’ Sentiments we can all relate to from time to time!

Both featured pieces will prove irresistible to avid fans of GUND.

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