Pig Stand Up Pen Case (Large)

Pig Stand Up Pen Case (Large)


Pig Stand Up Pen Case (Large)
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Not many pencils cases are actually fun to play with, but this one is really quite cool. With its fun and colourful character designs, this stand-up pen case is sure to be a talking point amongst stationery lovers. This pen case fits up to 22 pens or pencils and has a very interesting twist, by pressing down the bottom of the pen case, this unique silicone pen case transforms into a pen stand on your desk. Each pen case is made from a soft, flexible silicone fabric. This Japanese Stationery item is both fun and functional and is sure to make the perfect unique gift. Height: 21.0cm
SRP: £16.00
Height: 21.0cm
Width: 7.0cm
Depth: 7.0cm