Kristi Jensen Pierro


Department 56, Snowbabies™ 

Kristi Jensen Pierro was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She always loved to draw and started her career by designing porcelain decanters while still in college at Saint Cloud State University, Saint Cloud, Minnesota, where she graduated with a degree in fine arts.

After graduation, Kristi worked for various companies and freelanced for Department 56® until 1987 when she was hired as a full-time illustrator/designer. One of her first projects was to develop the then newly-created Snowbabies series.

Kristis ideas for Snowbabies are inspired by watching children, and by thinking about her own childhood experiences. She makes rough sketches of her ideas and then refines these into actual illustrations. Next, Kristi makes careful scale drawings — of each side, top and bottom. Along the way, she adds little touches that make each enchanting Snowbaby collectible unique. These drawings are then sent to the sculptor who creates a three-dimensional prototype to the exact specifications of her artwork.

Kristi uses her creative talents in the development of many other Department 56 lines including Snowbunnies and the Whispers Collection. Over the years, her efforts have resulted in a variety of fine porcelain figurines, ornaments, water globes and music boxes.

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