About Face

About Face is all about occasions, celebrations and fun, which is evident in the sentiments and bold designs of every one-of-a-kind gift. Introducing two new collections: RECIPease and Say What?

Making cake fun, RECIPease Cake Mugs are a tasty take on how to make your cake and eat it! With eight yummy mug cakes to choose from you will never be stuck for choice — when the urge to indulge strikes you are only minutes away from cake heaven. The recipes are handwritten on the reverse of each mug and topping suggestions are included in the packaging — it really couldn’t be easier.

Say What? offers inexpensive gifts featuring laugh-out-loud statements on a wide array of functional products in a variety of materials. With phrases like ‘When I said I do, I didn’t mean dishes’ on a tea towel to ‘Next mood swing in 5 minutes. Be afraid. Be very afraid’ on a mug, Say What? Really says everything you’d like to express…and more!

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