Border Fine Arts Studio Collection

Bringing you great quality and fabulous choice, the Border Fine Arts Studio Collection comprises a vast selection of nostalgic figurines, delightful ceramics and stunning home décor items inspired by the countryside.

The choice and scope of subject matter available in the Studio Collection is as impressive as the detail of each piece: whether it’s favourite pets, there’s man’s best friend in a host of different breeds and antics, or choose from breed studies of sheep and cattle.

There are two new collections for this year: Kitchy & Co’s humorous homeware collection is inspired by life ‘down on the farm’ as seen through the lens of Anthea Kitching, a humorous country style range with a contemporary edge. Anthea focuses on capturing a story in each of her creations, and at the heart of each are the animals that she has grown up around. ‘All born out of — a love of animals, a passion for farming and a great big sense of humour.’

The Studio Bronze Collection brings you stunning, eye-catching figurines with a wide selection of animals to choose from. Whether you are selecting one as a gift, or multiples to make appealing family groups, there is endless scope for choice in this wonderful collection of bronze figurines. Inspired by wildlife from our farmland and countryside are figurines of Highland cattle and sheep, foxes, pheasants and stags, whilst, closer to home we have lovely studies of cats and dogs.

Whatever you love, wherever you live and whether you like traditional or contemporary, there is certainly something here for all lovers of the great outdoors.

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