Kim Lawrence’s Circle of Love collection remains one of our most popular brands. Elegant design coupled with sentiments of love, friendship and family, all realised through entwined circles and flowing lines.

Such simple, elegant design coupled with sentiments of love, friendship and family ensure that these exquisite figurines will remain the best choice for gift giving for a long time to come. Designed by Kim Lawrence the sculptures are inspired by emotions of love, commitment, peace, contentment and family. Kim explains more, ‘I look to capture that perfect moment of peace and contentment when real love is discovered. By using flowing lines and entwined circles my designs symbolise the way love grows stronger — and whether we reach out to cherish family or to support friends, it comes back to us ten-fold.’

Beautifully sculpted and made from porcelain, Circle of Love figurines make meaningful gifts but are especially appropriate for landmark occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, engagements and birthdays. Their sophisticated appeal offers many tempting choices for enhancing and decorating the home.

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Kim Lawrence -   Kim Lawrence designs home accessories and figurines in many different mediums and styles and is the artist behind Enesco’s popular  Circle of Love  collection. - Read more


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