Messenger Birds by Izzy and Oliver

New to Enesco is this collection of colourful and delicate Messenger Birds by artist Karin Lind.

Made from cast stone, each design features a hidden sentiment, rolled and printed on natural cotton fabric and placed underneath the bird. The messages can be easily pulled out from underneath the bird with the jute twine that is attached to them.

Accomplished artist and designer of the collection, Karin Lind, originally created the "Messengers" as gifts for friends and family during the pandemic; a time when we all could have used a little more love. Karin hopes her birds, designed in a contemporary Scandinavian style, will warm many hearts.

A loving gift for any occasion, the collection features six distinct "Messengers" each with a different sentiment. The red "Messenger" for a person in need of some love. The yellow "Messenger" to give the gift of a smile. The dark blue "Messenger" for someone needing some peace. The light blue "Messenger" to send a hug to the person who needs it most. The indigo "Messenger" to send support to someone in need. The purple "Messenger" for someone in need of some inner strength.

© Karin Lind