Old Money

Four fabulous money banks inspired by ‘old money’ that won’t ‘break the bank’, or ‘cost you a pretty penny’!

Are you old enough to remember ‘Old Money’? Do you know your ‘bob’ from your ‘tanner’; your ‘thrupenny bit’ from your ‘ha’penny’? Then these coin-shaped money banks are the perfect place to stash your cash — and, to coin a phrase, they won’t break the bank either!

The collection comprises of four coin shaped money banks, all using the designs from original ‘old school’, pre-decimalisation (1971) coinage. Each coin features a different year of introduction marking an important date or event in history. 1953 (shilling) marks the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, 1962 (threepence) was the year that The Beatles had their first Top 20 hit in the UK with Love Me Do, in 1966 (sixpence) England won the Football World Cup and 1969 (halfpenny) commemorates the heir to the throne, Charles, being named Prince of Wales.

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Save your New Money in Old Money!

Save your New Money in Old Money!

A trip down memory lane is guaranteed for savers with the launch of Enesco’s Old Money collection. The four money banks are shaped as former and much-loved ‘old school’ coins from the centuries-old imperial system, and each is marked with a date relating to an important historical event.