Beautiful Times Style & Gracie Figurine

Beautiful Times Style & Gracie Figurine


Beautiful Times Style & Gracie Figurine
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We are excited to launch the Style and Gracie collection which is based on the card artwork by Hallmark International. Welcome to Gracie's World, Gracie is all things stylish, a city girl at heart, glamorous, has a wardrobe to die for, is always out and about, and travels the world's most beautiful locations and exciting cities. Mixing sketchy pencil work with layers of beautiful pattern detail in natural tones and chalky brights, this fresh collection captures the true spirit of cinematic nostalgia to evoke those hazy summers days that are remembered forever. Beautiful Times figurine features Gracie getting ready for a day filled with memories and beautiful times. A perfect gift for anyone who is celebrating a special occasion, packaged in a beautifully designed box.
SRP: £39.95
Height: 25.5cm
Width: 11.5cm
Depth: 10.0cm