Button and Squeaky by Jim Shore

Button and Squeaky is a story about us — reflecting what Jim sees, is thinking, doing or just daydreaming about on a daily basis.

Jim Shore is an incredibly popular artist, known worldwide for his distinctive, colourful designs. Much of his career has been dedicated to producing work in collaboration with big household names — such as Disney® and Peanuts® — but his new collection is a little bit different…

Introducing, Button and Squeaky! This exciting new venture is a personal expression of Jim himself; with the stuffed bear character of Button, being, in effect, Jim’s alter-ego. Button, along with his balloon dog friend; Squeaky, and a host of other friends — whom we will meet along the journey — aim to bring a new insight into our own everyday lives. They share observations on life and relationships with open hearts and humour — and, Jim says — will also express a little of who he really is in the process.

Not only is this whimsical, and sometimes very touching collection personal to Jim — he also hopes for it to mean something special to his fans too. His aim is for Button and Squeaky’s stories to be developed in direct collaboration with his fans — inviting and encouraging his audiences’ input into the process. With this in mind, watch this space — whatever Button and Squeaky get up to, and wherever they end up — it’s going to be a fun journey!

Look out for Button and Pinky, Sharing Sweet Treats — a touching scene, reminiscent of first love — in which the two loved-up bears share an ice-cream sundae, with Squeaky tucking into his own treat at their feet. Or maybe a message of childhood friendship is more what you are looking for — Heigh Ho Squeaky! could be just the right sentiment to share with your best friend.

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