Valais Blacknose Sheep (Large)

Valais Blacknose Sheep (Large)


Valais Blacknose Sheep (Large)
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The beautiful and, until recently, little known sheep breed, the Valais Blacknose has inspired a new gift collection from Border Fine Arts Studio. Hailing from the Valais region of Switzerland, the Valais Blacknose raised for wool and meat, is popularly described as the 'world's cutest sheep' because of its long soft hair, spiral horns and black markings to nose, face and knees. Well adapted to the extreme climatic conditions of the high Alps the sheep are excellent at grazing on the steep rocky mountain slopes. It was the BBC TV programme Countryfile that brought the breed to the attention of the UK's public. This adorable plush is guaranteed to make everyone's heart melt, a preciously sweet gift or self purchase.
SRP: £25.00
Height: 28.0cm
Width: 33.0cm
Depth: 18.0cm